The School ERP Software in Tripura is especially expected to help and join the administrative areas inside an academic affiliation. Edutech Solution’s School ERP Software in Tripura gives a level out stage to automating informative foundations information the board. We help you with going computerized effectively and all-around mentioned, staying aware of the entire urgent informational index that consolidates a school environment. 

We cautiously epitomize the solitary student management system entwining advanced gadgets and astute parts at unimportant cost making our School ERP system well known and popular across the counter. Edutech Solution’s Computerized School ERP Software in Tripura capably manages the data stream giving clarity and straightforwardness besides free and expedient correspondence. The Edutech Solution’s school management software in India bases on a clear passage with straightforward features for supervisors, educators, students, and parents as well.

School ERP Software in Tripura

Sections Of School ERP Software In Tripura Are


Confirmation proportions of the student management system are maybe the most critical and complex legitimate tasks. Our Confirmation the board module ensures streamlined and bother-free affirmation-related methods. From affirmation-related solicitations to garnish off the enrolment structure, moving documents, and portions, all those suggestions ought to adequately be conceivable online with this well-known arrangement. It moreover gives a splendid decision to follow the competitor’s status and trouble straightforwardly. 


Our student management system ensures getting over the correspondence opening among parents and educators. Parents can clearly contact the student’s class educator, head, or other concerned school authority directly with the school Versatile Application. This arrangement licenses us to make the booklets and send them all together to all of the students. … 

Exercise Arranging 

As of now, the teacher will really need to plan exercises reliably and besides will really need to save records for something basically the same. It obliges the instructor’s timetable and besides an obliging arrangement of extension or modification of various fields as indicated by need. For any class, subject, or educator report of exercise plan incorporation could be made with a click. 

E-Learning Module 

This skill-fully arranged advanced learning arrangement ensures that learning doesn’t stop in any situation. Using E-learning ERP arrangement learning could pass on with pace trouble wholeheartedly. students can get to the resources wherever at whatever point. It licenses students and teachers to arrange with the live class. It allows the subject educator to coordinate online evaluations with the option of second outcome age and significantly more. 

Staff Enrollment 

Staff enlistment is moreover one of the stunning school administrative cycles which along School ERP Software in Tripura becomes bothered free. It offers options in contrast to the concerning ability to make opening requests and close by the pattern of underwriting/refusal. Also, candidate information can be finished off and taken care of over the cloud. Also, it grants making and sending the changed offer letters to picked candidates. 

Appraisal and Investigation 

Our School ERP Software in Tripura gives the decision to check the presentation of the students using a natural graphical dashboard. Instructors can check the student execution subject smart, class shrewd, or term adroit. Moreover, changed report cards could be easily created, which could be furthermore circulated on the web and checked to use versatile applications.

Cost the chiefs 

Costs-related endeavors are truly eccentric and need to get done with fitting center interest. Our school ERP system improves on the collaboration just as sans issues. It licenses us to create the cost receipts of the students. In like manner, it goes with a natural dashboard that shows critical information like duty, step-by-step collection, etc all together to adequately interpret the essential nuances. Close by, it gives the decision to send motorized charges because of ideas to parents. 

Homework Tasks  

Using the student management system, instructors can distribute homework, undertakings of different subject classes insightful in various supporting designs like .doc, .pdf, .pptx, etc Likewise, students can introduce the homework using the versatile application with no issue.  


Using this module of the student management system, anyone could administer hostel rooms, beds with no issue. Close by that other huge perspectives like fitting dining experience the board, ordinary audits, and motel cooperation ought to be conceivable gainfully. In like manner, it creates a rundown of required information like supreme students in housing and totally burned-through and void rooms in the lodging. . 

Stock Administration 

This module of school management in India cut down the uncalled-for organization of inventories. Using this school can monitor buys being made, the materials and things being utilized, things being sold, etc. Moreover, there is a choice to send online interest by staff people for their requirements. 

Flexible SMS 

This is perhaps the best part of the item. This vivacious component helps parents with staying revived with the latest happenings of the school; and the latest information about their child. It grants the ability to shoot huge Mass SMS to all parents in just a solitary click. 

Specialist Participation 

This module of School ERP Software in Tripura is valuable in staying aware of staff investment. It can distinguish every vital information From Punch In to Finish off time with staff interest and we could get it easily. Similarly, this module fuses a natural dashboard that grandstands summarized reports. … 

Student Participation 

Among other school-related cycles, the support of the chiefs is one of the confounding and huge legitimate cycles. This module helps with staying aware of the student support data, straightforwardly from the subsequent students entering the school premises. For extra well-being endeavors, it in a manner sends SMS to parents so they keep their class on track.. 

Student Data 

Staying aware of the data of a large number of students is a surged undertaking and requires heaps of work area work. Moreover getting to the fundamental student information whenever required ends up being exceptionally dreary. This module is an answer for all of the issues with student information on the board. It grants us to stay aware of the student data using required customer described fields and an adroit inquiry bar decision licenses us to glance through the important student as per the essential.  

Student Picture Showing 

This module helps schools with showing the photos of students, class-wise, close by the title and portrayal of the event. By login into the School ERP Software in Tripura, students can see the image shown on the divider; it helps the students with finding each other and more about the latest happenings of the school


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