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Edutech Solution is providing this school management system that makes time-consuming activities easier.

One Of The Best School Management System

Praised by many clients, Edutech Solution’s modern and more improved school management system is now becoming one of the best school management system. This software has assembled all the complex activities and it is user-friendly to the school authorities, school employees, teachers, students, and parents. When almost every service is becoming digital then why educational activities will follow the back-dated processes. The world is updated day by day with new technologies, so like every official work, the educational process must adapt new technologies to make the educational process easier, smart, and less time-consuming.

School ERP Software
school management system

Edutech Solution has developed this new school management system using modern technologies, and almost every client has given feedback that this software makes the educational activities more effective, neat, smart, and less time-consuming. Our school management system software is user-friendly and mobile-friendly too. This software connected the teachers, students, parents, and school authorities. All of them are benefiting from this software.

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How It Works.

This school management system maintains the following processes.


Data Analyzing

It analyzes the data whether it is genuine or not.

School ERP

Data Tracking

This software tracks the given data and checks the location and whether it is spamming or not.


Business Analyzing

It analyzes your business in-depth and produces an effective report.

School ERP

Extreme Security

It keeps all the data safely, And don't let the 3rd party users access those data.

school management system

Exclusive Features.

Data should underlie every school related decision. Yet too often some very
cultural artifacts really lead the school business down certain routes.

educational management system
school management system

Easy To Use

Anyone from anywhere can access it without any obstacle.

school management system

Daily Report

This software stored the database of each day and used to take back

school management system

Real Time

It executes appropriately in proper ways. You will get results instantly of any issue.

School ERP

Cost Effective

You will get this software at a very affordable price and get systematized results.

school management system

Extreme Security

It keeps the data safe and secure. It doesn't allow any 3rd party to access the stored data.

Key Elements Of School Management System

school management system

Better Concept

Combining all educational processes in one platform is undoubtedly a superb idea. Students, parents, teachers, professors institution admin, all are connected in a single platform.

school management system

Academy Backup

All the academic data can be safely stored here. The software allows the institution to take backup of every data on a daily/monthly/yearly basis.

School ERP

Data Personalising​

All the data is secure in this school management system software, our software does not allow any 3rd party to access those data.

school management system

Simplify Education

Our software is user-friendly and can run on any browser like chrome, chromium, Mozilla Firefox, etc. This software is also accessed by mobile apps.

School ERP

Low Cost

Our software is safe and secure. Our clients will get this useful software at a very affordable price, unlike any other school software development company

School ERP

All Day Maintaining

All the academic data can be safely stored here. The software allows the institution to take backup of every data on a daily/monthly/yearly basis.

school management system

Better Future

We are including different features and designs to make this software more attractive. We are using modern technologies to update the software to make it more secured and improved.

School ERP


This software is mobile-friendly. The students, parents, teachers; everyone can access it from their smartphone from any place. Our software has the ability to run on both android and iOS platforms.

Great Product Analytics With Real Problems.

This product analyzes each and every issue and tries to provide perfect solutions.

educational management system

What Our Client's Say About

We are very thankful to you. Your software has reduced our clerical workload and make those activities easier. This software has brought parents, teachers, study on a single platform, which reduces more time. We hope that we will definitely associate with you in the future.
Edutech Solution has provided us with their new school management system. This software has reduced workload reduced time. This is a very reliable software and thanks to you for providing us with great service like this.
Alison Burgas
Product Designer @Divi

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Frequently Asked Questions

Edutech Solution will provide you the complete data ownership. It will not let any 3rd party users to access tour data. Your data is hosted on most secured cloud servers.

School management system is used to manage different official works of an institution. It reduces the complex activities of an institution ans make those easier and less time consuming.

School ERP software has managed different students’ number, teachers’ number, classroom, etc. So that it will be helpful for teachers to schedule timetable for every classes.

School management system is generally a cloud based software which runs all the activities of an institution effortlessly. this brings admin, teachers, parents, students in a single platform.  

School ERP System used to manage the daily activities of a school. It helps the teachers and students to upload class works and home works, it helps parents to get all the daily activities of their children. The authority can contact with them if needed.