education management system

About Us

This modern technology, where almost every work is being done digitally, then why the educational process will follow the retro, backdated process. Like shopping, banking procedure, etc other services; the educational process is also running on digital platforms. Education management system has done this work very easily and effectively. Edutech Solutions has also created a modern and user-friendly tech solution for institutions for operating different educational activities. Managing student records, managing employee records, fee collection, giving salary, recruiting employees, etc is not easy work to do.

In earlier days, the school management had to do all the work in very complex ways, but now school management system software assembles all these works and makes these processes easier. Not only easier, but these working processes are also now becoming systematic and well-structured. Making this software was not easy work. Different activities will be done by a single software so our expert team had to do a lot of hard work to develop this software. This software not only brings benefits for the school managements, But also teachers, students, and parents are also becoming benefitted by this software.

With this education management system, teachers can upload homework assignments for the students, they can take exams without any buffer and they can scrutinize each of the students; students can check their syllabus, submit their assignments, give exams without any difficulties, and parents can get all the records of their kids even they can learn about their classwork as everyday classwork will post on this software. Above all, a single software makes a lot of complex activities. And it will be possible because of our hardworking expert team. We can confidently say that our expert team is trustworthy, honest, intelligent, and experienced too and we are very satisfied to get this dedicated, committed, hardworking, and expert team as a part of Rank U Up.

Our Vision:

We believe in dedication, commitment, hard work, honesty. So we can assume that our hard work will drive us to the peak of success and we will also develop more improved and modern software for the educational process with time.

Our Mission:

Our main goal is to develop more unique and improved educational software; not only for schools but also for colleges, universities too. And we believe that as a highly committed company; we can definitely develop more featured and unique software as per our clients’ requirements; we also believe that our dedication, confidence, and honesty will definitely make us one of the best school software developing companies.

Our Team:

When we have to talk about our team, the word will go less later. We are very proud that we got a hardworking, dedicated, honest team on whom we can rely without any tension. Our team is one of the main pillars of our company. The team includes developers and school professionals, account managers, client relationship managers, etc all are included; and all of their hard work is driving us towards our success. Our team is one of the main reasons our clients rely on us; their expectations are growing rapidly towards us.

Our Values:

We said earlier that we believe in our honesty, dedication, hard work, confidence; and we try our best to be transparent in front of our clients. We used to include more features to our software based on our client’s requirements; to make it more updated. As a committed company we always try to provide the best, improved, and more featured product to our clients.