Edutech Solution’s school ERP software in Tamil Nadu is planned to give schools the best software to deal with all their administrative exercises easily and accurately while saving them heaps of time and exertion. School ERP software in Tamil Nadu interfaces every division of the school in order to give them better information sharing, simple recovery of information, which demonstrates accommodating for the school board to make brief choices. It is an easy-to-understand software that permits the smooth progression of information within the school administrative division.

school ERP software in Tamil Nadu

Significant Modules of School ERP software in Tamil Nadu

School Administration 

The school administration module is the main piece of the school. Oversee school everyday exercises is undeniably challenging for the school administration office. Our school management software in India assists the instructive institutes with reducing the time and maintaining school information exactness. 

Affirmation Process 

Student affirmation is an obligatory piece of any school. The affirmation module gives a student affirmation measure in four basic advances which are Form assortment, Registration affirmation, expense assortment, and confirmation affirmation. 

Charge Collection 

Maintaining the finance of the school is extremely challenging for the school. Likewise, an assortment of understudies is the main obligation regarding the school. With the assistance of school expenses assortment software. Our school ERP system effectively gathers student charges by filling in a single structure. 

Student/Staff Attendance 

Participation taking and tracking is a tedious and tiring errand in school. In many schools, participation marking is as yet performed physically, and there is a more prominent possibility of blunder to fill student participation. Our school ERP system makes alleviation from manual work of participation fills. 

Information Management 

Any association with a lot of information needs to oversee in a manner that lessens excess and duplication. School information software gives an easy-to-use answer for managing information proficiently on certain snaps. Our software is essentially intended for collecting information about concerned staff and understudies in school. 

Student Details 

Student information is the main component for any instructive institute. Our software student the executive’s software gives better mass information stockpiling of understudies with ease. The student information module of¬†student management system¬†assists with generating student id-card, different examination reports, student conduct reports, and so forth

Worker Details 

A school worker the board module that assists with managing information about representatives immaculately. Unequivocally oversee worker leave and compensation information. A worker can be ordered according to assignment and occupation classification. 

Record Management 

Financial administration is the most monotonous errand for any association. Record the board is perhaps the main piece of financial movement. Our software school accounting software gives a productive arrangement. 

HR Management 

HR the executives is a center piece of any association to deal with HR. Our software HR the executive’s module gives productive, precise usefulness which is overseen by the HR of the association. Essential usefulness like leave the board, PF Challan, payslip, compensation the executives is accessible in school the board software.¬†

Time Table Design 

Using time effectively is vital to run any association easily. Instructors for the most part invest a great deal of energy in planning the board. The plan is an essential element to make and oversee plans for the school. 


The examination is the main scholarly action to assess the student’s capacity and execution. Our software includes a wide scope of cycles from test schedule game plan to the making of progress reports of understudies. Test the board modules include test plan creation.¬†

SMS/Email Integration 

There are odds of the event of a catastrophe or crisis circumstance around then of school and the executives need to convey student guardians simultaneously so for this Best method to impart.

School Transport 

Presently a day’s school gives transportation offices to understudies to improve their better security and deal with the school time. Our school ERP software in Tamil Nadu covers the transportation module for tracking and maintaining the transportation subtleties. Transportation the executive’s module includes vehicle name, course subtleties, transportation expenses, and so forth which makes easiness to maintain subtleties 

Different Utilities 

Our student management system gives different utilities like a number cruncher, scratchpad, information reinforcement office, and so on. In utilities, there are different settings accessible for charges, SMS, compensation, participation, transport, and so forth. Clients can change settings and get the yield according to necessity. The biometric machine setting is straightforwardly set with school the board software 


The result of any item is the main thing since it will straightforwardly identify with the client. Our school ERP software in Tamil Nadu produces an outline of all modules in the type of report. The software produces different reports like charges assortment, student results, student/staff participation, pay reports, account, student progress reports, and so on 


Individuals utilize Presently a day’s utilization of the Internet quickly. Our student management system makes an online web-based interface for the student and mainly for the guardians. The online student management system gives a web-based interface that has advantages for guardians to follow information about their youngster/student. 

Parent Application 

Our school ERP software in Tamil Nadu parent application is an extremely valuable application for the student, parent who is not getting routinely refreshed about their kid. Our school management software in India’s parent application is effectively available in the Google Play store so anybody downloads it on their cell phone.

Highlights Of Student Management System

  • Confirmation measure till G.R. age the board¬†
  • Voice SMS and mass SMS office for charge assortment, due expenses, student participation¬†
  • The unpredictable errand of reportage for every student turns out to be much simple with this software¬†
  • Separate interface and login id’s for understudies and staff¬†
  • Student and staff participation the executives alongside fingerprint and RFID card¬†
  • Gives a proficient way to the programmed arrangement of ID cards, authentications, and so forth¬†
  • Oversee total staff information with reports and personal id¬†
  • Different school charges date/class insightful assortments with head all out by means of a single window¬†
  • Generating daybook, record reports, benefit and misfortune reports, and asset report¬†
  • Produce CCE result design, marks and grade-wise imprint sheet marks correlation diagram¬†
  • Student progress reports and yearly reports with chart and grade

Benefits of school ERP software

  • Adjustable charts/efficient reports
  • Paperless administration of financial accounting and minimal possibility of blunder
  • Information integrity and simple maintenance of every student’s record
  • Works with better and viable correspondence among staff, understudies, guardians and the board
  • All offices are linked through the focal data set
  • Successful control of every administrative movement
  • Coordinated information stockpiling and simple recovery of information
  • Better control and coordinated record-keeping
  • Scholastic graphical execution examination of understudies
  • Manual exertion is diminished and rapid and precise reports are produced
  • The responsibility on the whole staff, administration, administrative, and teaching is vigorously diminished
  • Instant admittance to required information and exercises of the school
  • Simple to redo and change in the information according to institute prerequisite

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