Edutech Solution was founded to create an ERP system for schools. It has now become a personal goal. To simplify the administration of education, this student management system was created. Edutech Solution’s school ERP software in Sri Lanka is fully featured and meets all requirements from teachers to parents, students to principals. It allows us the ability to find the best school, the best board outcome for our children, and even the management of registration fees and the generation of our report cards. Parents can access their child’s record and request teacher appointments. Our main modules include Database Management & Communication and Fees Management. We also provide Online Enquiry, Admission, Report Card Management, and Online Exams.

Every industry is embracing high-end technologies to become more efficient. This trend is also evident in schools and colleges. Schools have incorporated advanced technologies such as school ERP software in Sri Lanka in their daily routines to become smarter.

Education is undoubtedly one sector that has made the most of technology. Our School Management software offers a great solution. This student management system has allowed the education industry to save time, money, and take many shortcuts in their daily administrative and academic activities. School ERP software in Sri Lanka is a technology that automates school operations.

school ERP software in Sri Lanka



Each school had to manage its information on paper, which was difficult. This solution eliminates the need for errors. You can take one look at all the information about your school. You can see every detail about each day, such as the Teachers’ information, students’ info, and parents’ details. And you can personalize your school ERP software in Sri Lanka’s dashboard modules to meet your specific needs. Add the modules you wish to be able to see often on your school ERP system’s dashboard. Our student management system is worth your consideration.

Staff Recruitment Module

Administrators can add users to the system, and authorize their work. You can add teachers and students with all the information by school ERP software in Sri Lanka. You can also import your student lists from your database and create detailed student lists. Even You can control access permissions and manage the details of your staff to this school ERP system. Students, teachers, parents, and grandparents can all communicate with one another. SMS can be sent from school – Administration To Parents for various reasons such as Fee dues and over-dues details. Schedules of exams, events in school, school notices. Monthly attendance records. Homework. Declaration of holidays.

Attendance Module

Edutech Solution’s school ERP software in Sri Lanka helps educational foundations generate attendance reports for the current month, last month, and even for a specified date. This feature allows for proxy attendance to be greatly reduced. The admin can also access the reports anywhere.

Timetable Modules

Time Table generation is an issue that many educational institutions face. You can prepare your timetable easily for different classes and subjects with school ERP software in Sri Lanka provider. Both the teacher and students can instantly retrieve the Timetable of their respective class, along with any relevant subjects, Division/Batch, and Academic Year. Parents can also update their children’s schedules and classes.

Send Information

Update the school with news and information and send it to parents and students. Notice Boards are used to announce upcoming events in the school. Any competition, trip, tours, vacations, etc.

Library Module

This module of school ERP software in Sri Lanka helps you keep track of all the books in your library and their issues and returns. It allows you to manage the library’s books and the prices of those same. This makes it easy and transparent. Notify you about Recall/Overdue notices.

Upload and download Information

There is no need to rush for school and class syllabuses. Simply download the portal and use it to study or buy books. Students can also upload their notes to the portal so they can study from their notes.

Fees and Inventory Modules

School ERP software in Sri Lanka makes it easy for administrators to store reports on students and teachers. Reports on time can be used to calculate the amount of portion completion, measure lecturer performance, or determine the cost of part-time pay.

With this student management system, it will be simple to keep track and maintain a record of student fees. Education institutions need to collect fees, manage expenses, and generate invoices. Edutech Solution simplifies the process of collecting fees with advanced fees and receipt printing.

Accounting Module

It allows for automated accounting entries and does not require you to enter financial data again into your account books. It is vital to hear what your students and staff think of your school. Use the polling feature to take surveys at your school. Ask questions, then let everyone respond.


You can also customize your polling so that only the people who are most interested in your polling are able to respond, such as only students and staff. You can work in your own language, and feel comfortable. We understand the security concerns and are responsible service providers of software development. Our student management system is highly secure. It can be accessed by authenticated users from all parts of the globe.

Proper Information

This school ERP software in Sri Lanka is dependent on the accuracy of data transmission and the accuracy in storing, maintaining, retrieving, and retrieving the data from the database. Data integrity is crucial for this student management system’s success.

All Day Service

We offer a 24/7 system to update and modify content as they need it. This is how we created reform education for each kid. Add-ons can modify in existing school ERP software in Sri Lanka.

We offer a stable, sustainable platform that allows administrators to modify and access data from any location and at any time without interruptions or errors. To do this, you can use any browser like Explorer or Chrome.


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