Edutech Solution Education Management is a mobile and web application that was created to help you manage your daily tasks. School, College, and Universities. It is a Cloud-based School ERP Solution that Teachers, Students, and Parents will be able to access from the company. This School ERP software in Siliguri will allow them to log in from any location and at any time. The system’s accessibility is greatly enhanced. It will allow you to have full computerized involvement in the front and backend of organization administrations.

school erp software in siliguri
school erp software in siliguri

This will also enable you to administer information for all instructive foundations, including Schools, Colleges, and Universities. Edutech Solution’s School ERP software in Siliguri can manage many different modules, including Fees Management and Timetable. The new version includes a full-fledged Human Resource module that allows employees to manage their payrolls and payslips. The Finance module can be used to plan and assign student fees. Edutech Solution’s School ERP SystemThe Task Priority feature makes it a powerful collaboration tool. Edutech Solution has an internal messaging platform that will allow students, teachers, and parents to communicate.

Academic Management School ERP Software In Siliguri | School | College | Institute | University

Edutech Solution’s Education Management School ERP software in Siliguri will assist students in managing all Academic Management functions and all operational activities. Students can achieve their desired career results. This will help create a better learning environment and atmosphere for students and school administrators. They will be closer to their goals and it is designing so that the Academic Management module will offer better opportunities for development with a smooth and efficient flow of the academic process. It will make the operational activities more simple and transform the academic framework into a much-anticipated digital structure. The school ERP system for Education integrates with the academic tools and Education management tools that will improve student performance.

school erp software in siliguri

Student Management System | School ERP Software In Siliguri | School | College | Institute | University

School management software in India is capable of handling large amounts of student data and can retrieve all data stored from the system efficiently. It can manage Enrollment, Admissions, and Class/Section Allocation. To get a complete view of the student’s performance. It also tracks Teacher / Student Daily Attendance and monitors teacher’s daily activities. It is easy to use and has a simple structure that allows students to learn about the latest generation technologies in their daily academic activities.

Student Scholarship Programs In Siliguri | School | College | Institute | University

The absence of paperwork is the best way to get started. In an online scholarship program, students will be able to submit and apply digitally. It allows students to apply and submit their Scholarship Applications electronically. The Administration will establish school ERP software in Siliguri’s programs of student scholarship; this module will aid students in obtaining financial aid to finish their education. This module of student management system provides many functionalities such as Online registration of students, Allocating unique Registration numbers to all students, Checking the eligibility criteria for submitting a scholarship request, Quick processing, and publication of selected students. SMS alerts to students/parents on amount disbursement and approval.

school management software in india

Student Finance Management In Siliguri | School | College | Institute | University

Edutech Solution’s school management software in India financial Management was specifically designing for education. It provides a comprehensive framework for teaching and learning. Finance at College and school allows an Institute to set up immaculate Fee management functions. This includes precise ledger structure, ledger entries, and a simple user interface. This student management system makes the whole process easy and fast. All fees are immediately recorded and reflected in one central place. The system is able to efficiently deal with the complexities and financial reporting. It has all that an established institute requires.

Accumulating and using monetary data in a real-world sense is crucial for critical success. If foundations are well-managed, they will have the correct arrangement of necessary money-related data. Educational associations that are financially related can characterize with certain laws and strategies.

Student Fees Management In Siliguri | School | College | Institute | University

Edutech Solution’s school ERP software India created the Fees Management Module; so that it can perform all operations automatically. It can calculate all student fees. It’s also easy to calculate fees of different types, even though it has automation functionality. The students can select from different fee categories. The program can also calculate the pending fees and fees paid details. This student management system can also deduct any fees or scholarship programs that may be applicable to students. You can also pay for multiple term fees, if necessary.

The school administrator can create a custom fee structure. After payment, the school administrator will generate an automatic fees receipt that sent to the email ids for the relevant student. The most important function of the School ERP software in Siliguri The admin can view at any moment the total student fees paid and outstanding, along with data sorting for each section and class. The school Fees Management system is the main component in the education ERP System.

school erp system

Student Attendance Management In Siliguri | School | College | Institute | University

Edutech Solution Education Management controls all of the operational functionalities for both Students and Teachers. One module of Edutech Solution School ERP  attendance management. It is so efficient that it can integrate into the biometric device. Reports can create for Students/Teaching Staff, Teachers/Always Absent. The robust attendance system will detect tardies and alert parents if they are.

If a student is absent on a specific date, a notification will send to his/her parent with stipulations about their child’s total attendance. This amazing feature is possible because attendance management software gives parents all the information about their children, taking one day off from college or school. It is a management system for training purposes to supervise student information. Student management system assist in the enrollment of students into effective courses, grading transcripts and consequences for students’ scores, constructing student plans, tracking student participation, and overseeing many other student-related information requirements at a school.

school management software in india

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