Edutech Solution’s school ERP software in Punjab is wanted to give schools the best software to manage all their administrative activities effectively and precisely while saving them loads of time and effort. School ERP software in Punjab interfaces each division of the school in request to give them better information sharing, straightforward recuperation of information, which exhibits accommodating for the school board to settle on brief decisions. It is a straightforward software that allows the smooth movement of information within the school administrative division.

school ERP software in Punjab

Critical Modules Of School ERP Software In Punjab

School Administration 

The school ERP software is the main piece of the school. Direct school ordinary activities are verifiably challenging for the school administration office. Our school the executives software in India helps the instructive institutes with reducing the time and maintaining school information precision. 

Assertion Process 

Student assertion is a mandatory piece of any school. The attestation module gives a student certification measure in four fundamental advances which are Form variety, Registration assertion, cost grouping, and affirmation confirmation. 

Charge Collection 

Maintaining the finances of the school is very challenging for the school. In like manner, a grouping of understudies is the main commitment regarding the school. With the help of the school costs a variety of software. Our school ERP framework viably accumulates student charges by filling in a single construction. 

Student/Staff Attendance 

Support taking and tracking is a monotonous and tiring task in school. In many schools, support marking is at this point performs genuinely, and there is a more prominent chance of bungle to fill student investment. Our school ERP framework makes easing from manual work of support fills. 

Information Management 

Any relationship with a ton of information needs to be regulated in a way that decreases overabundance and duplication. School ERP system offers a simple-to-utilize response for managing information capably on certain snaps. Our software is basically intended for collecting information about concerned staff and understudies in school. 

Student Details 

Student information is the main segment for any instructive institute. Our school management software in India gives better mass information stockpiling of understudies easily. The student information module helps with generating student id-card, diverse examination reports, student lead reports, etcs

Employee Details 

A school employee the board module that helps with managing information about delegates impeccably. Unequivocally manage specialist leave and remuneration information. An employee can be requested according to task and occupation characterisation. 

Record Management 

Financial administration is the most repetitive task for any affiliation. Record the board is maybe the main piece of financial development. Our software student management system gives a useful course of action. 

HR Management 

HR the leaders is a middle part of any relationship to manage HR. Our student management system¬†HR the leader’s module gives useful, exact convenience which HR of the affiliation supervise. Fundamental convenience like leave the load up, PF Challan, payslip, remuneration the leaders is available in school the load up software.¬†

Time Table Design 

Using time adequately is fundamental to run any affiliation without any problem. Instructors generally invest a lot of energy in planning the board. The arrangement is a fundamental component to make and administer arrangements for the school. 


The examination is the main insightful activity to survey the student’s ability and execution. Our software includes a wide extent of cycles from test plan strategy to the making of progress reports of understudies. Test the board modules include test plan creation.¬†

SMS/Email Integration 

There are chances of the occasion of a disaster or emergency condition around then of school and the leaders need to pass on student watchmen all the while so for this Best technique to confer.

School Transport 

As of now, the school gives transportation workplaces to understudies to work on their better security and manage the school time. Our school ERP software in Punjab covers the transportation module for tracking and maintaining the transportation nuances. Transportation the chief’s module includes vehicle name, course nuances, transportation costs, etc which makes easiness to maintain nuances¬†

Various Utilities 

Our student management system gives various utilities like an analyst, scratchpad, information reinforcement office, etc. In utilities, there are various settings available for charges, SMS, remuneration, interest, transport, etc. Customers can change settings and get the yield according to need. The biometric machine setting is directly set with school the board software 


The aftereffect of any thing is the main thing since it will clearly relate to the customer. Our software school software creates an outline of all modules in the kind of report. The software produces various reports like charges combination, student results, student/staff investment, pay reports, account, student progress reports, etc 


Individuals use Presently a day’s use of the Internet rapidly. Our student management system¬†makes an online electronic interface for the student and mainly for the gatekeepers. The online student leaders’ system gives an electronic interface that enjoys benefits for gatekeepers to follow information about their young person/student.¬†

Parent application 

Our school ERP software in Punjab parent application is an amazingly significant application for the student, parent who isn’t getting routinely invigorated about their child. Our school management software in India’s parent application is successfully accessible in the Google Play store so anyone downloads it on their phone.


Features of school ERP software

  • Affirmation measure till G.R. age the board¬†
  • Voice SMS and mass SMS office for charge arrangement, due costs, student cooperation¬†
  • The flighty task of reportage for each student ends up being a lot of straightforward with this software¬†
  • Separate interface and login id’s for understudies and staff¬†
  • student and staff investment the chiefs close by fingerprint and RFID card on¬†student management system
  • Gives a capable way to the customized game plan of ID cards, confirmations, etc¬†
  • Regulate absolute staff information with reports and individual id¬†
  • Distinctive school charges date/class insightful groupings with head all out through a single window¬†
  • Generating daybook, record reports, advantage and adversity reports, and resource report¬†
  • Produce CCE result configuration, checks and grade-wise imprint sheet marks connection outline¬†
  • student progress reports and yearly reports with diagram and grade

Advantages of school ERP system

  • Customizable diagrams/effective reports¬†
  • Paperless administration of financial accounting and minimal chance of screw up¬†
  • Information integrity and straightforward maintenance of each student’s record¬†
  • Works with better and reasonable correspondence among staff, understudies, gatekeepers, and the board¬†
  • All workplaces are linked through the central informational index¬†
  • Fruitful control of each administrative development¬†
  • Coordinated information stockpiling and basic recuperation of information¬†
  • This student management system better controls and coordinated record-keeping¬†
  • Educational graphical execution examination of understudies¬†
  • Manual effort is diminished and quick and exact reports are created¬†
  • The obligation all in all staff, administration, administrative, and teaching is enthusiastically diminished¬†
  • Instant induction to required information and activities of the school¬†
  • Easy to re-try and change in the information according to institute essential

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