Edutech Solution began to build an ERP system for schools with a vision. Now it is a goal in our lives. This app was developed with the goal of simplifying education administration. Edutech Solution’s school ERP software in Nepal has all features and meets all standards, from students to teachers to parents to principals. This student management system allows us to search for the best school and the children’s final board outcomes. We can also manage the registration and fees and generate the report card. Parents can view the records of their children and request appointments from teachers. We provide the following modules: Database Management & Communication; Fees Management; Online Enquiry and Admission; Report Card Management and Online Exams.

High-end technology is being implemented in every industry. This trend is not limited to schools and colleges. Most schools are already smart and have integrated advanced technology such as school management systems into their day-to-day chores.

Our school ERP software in Nepal is a valuable tool for the education sector. The education sector has been able to save significant time and money by eliminating manual paperwork and using shortcuts in their academic and administrative tasks. School ERP software in Nepal automates the school’s operations.

school ERP software in Nepal


Data storage

Every school found it difficult to maintain a hard copy of the information. Here is a solution. All the information about your school is available at one glance. A summary of all information, including students’ and teachers’ details, is available. Your school ERP software in Nepal’s dashboard can be customized to suit your needs. You can add modules to your school ERP system’s dashboard that you use often. Our student management system will be valuable to your needs.

Personal Management

Administrators can manage all users, add multiple users and give them work authorizations. Add teachers with all their information with this school ERP software in Nepal. Add student’s and their parents’ details. You can also create detailed student lists and import them from your database. All staff details can be managed and access permissions for the software can be controlled. You can communicate with your student, teacher, and parent. School – Administration can send SMS to parents for many reasons, including Fee dues, overdue details, Schedules of examinations, Events in school, School notices, Monthly attendance records, and Homework.

Attendance Management

Edutech Solution’s school ERP software in Nepal allows educational foundations to generate attendance reports on the current date/month, previous month, or for a specific date. This feature of the student management system can reduce proxy attendance to a large extent. Administrators can access the reports from any location.

Timetable Management

Time table generation is a major problem for educational institutions. A School Management software provider makes it easy to prepare timetables for different classes and subjects. Students and teachers can both automatically access the Time Table of their respective classes and related subjects, as well as Division/Batch and Academic Year. Parents can also access the schedules and classes of their children.

Send News

Send information to students, parents, and staff by this school ERP system. The noticeboard is used to highlight the school’s upcoming events. Any competition, trip, tours, vacations, etc.

Library Management

This module of school ERP software in Nepal allows you to keep track of all books in your library, as well as the issue and return dates. This helps you keep track of all the books in your library, as well as the price. It makes everything simple and transparent. You will also be notified about Recall and Overdue notices.

Upload and Download Data

You don’t need to rush for your school or class syllabus. You can download the syllabus from the portal, and then you can study and purchase books according to your needs. Teachers can also upload notes so students can study using their own notes.

Fees and Inventory Management

This school ERP software in Nepal allows administrators to easily store reports about students and teachers regarding their attendance, holidays, leaves, and other related work. You can use time-sheet reports for many purposes, such as to pay part-time salaries, to assess the performance of lecturers, and to estimate the time it will take to complete a portion.

This student management system makes it easy to keep track of student fees. The essential requirements of educational institutions include the collection of fees, expense management, and the generation of invoices. Edutech Solution makes it easy to manage the fees collection process with an advance fee facility and receipt printing.


This school ERP software in Nepal allows automated accounting entries, without the need to re-enter financial data into accounts books. It is important to find out what students and staff think about school. The polling option allows you to easily take surveys within your school. You can ask questions, and everyone will answer. Then you can decide.


You can also limit the number of poll participants to ensure that only those who are interested in answering your polls, such as students or staff, have access to it. It is possible to use your preferred language while you work. We are a responsible provider of software development services. Our student management system is extremely secure. Authorized and authenticated users can access it from anywhere in the world.

Data accuracy

The school ERP software in Nepal must be able to transmit data accurately and store, maintain and retrieve data correctly from a database. Data integrity is essential for any software’s success.

Customer Service

Our system works 24 hours a day to allow users to modify and update content according to their needs and requirements. We have created a series of reform education programs to help each child grow up in a more effective way. The school ERP software in Nepal can customize with add-ons.

Our platform is stable and long-lasting and allows administrators to access and modify data anywhere, anytime. This can be done with any browser, including Explorer and chrome.


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