In the current time, Schools have students close to at least thousands, managing each student’s everyday issues like expenses, participation, transport charge and so forth are a humongous occupation for the guardians and the school. So we made an extreme answer for this with the most developed online School ERP software for example The Edutech Solution’s school ERP software in Kerala.

The Edutech Solution’s school ERP software in Kerala is a finished online School ERP system that permits the school staff and the guardians to check the everyday undertakings and scholarly information of the multitude of students. This online school management software in India permits the school to store and access any information regarding any students within a basic snap on the mouse. For instance, in case you are looking for a specific student’s pay or not, the educator or student simply needs to get to the student management system and it will tell you if the expense is paid or not. This can be checked from both the Parent’s side and furthermore from the educators’ side.


School ERP Software in Kerala

The Usefulness Of School ERP Software In Kerala

School ERP Software in Kerala

The Edutech Solution’s school ERP software in Kerala is exceptionally fundamental for the schools since it helps the school executives to proficiently deal with the student information and viably carry out changes shortly. This permits simple tasks of everyday exercises like expenses assortment, finance, scheduling time table, tests, and so on. The main fascination is that it contains the entrance control on the two instructors’ side and furthermore parent side.

The guardians can log in and check his/her kid status as far as studies, expenses, participation, test reports, tests, subject insightful imprint, remitting charges and so on should be possible. The main thing is that the guardians can follow the students from home itself when they are on the school transport. On the educator’s side, the instructor can check the subtleties of the students, for example, charges due; make time tables, test plans, give downloadables like example question papers, and so on to students. The instructor can likewise follow the students when they are boarded from the transport and until they arrive at their home.

Highlights In Edutech Solution's School ERP Software In Kerala

Student The Executives 

The student the executive’s tab of school ERP software in Kerala is for showing the sections of the students took on the school data set. This tab shows the total subtleties of a specific student with a photograph alongside a component of computerized roll number age; and furthermore, class insightful individual student reports.¬†

Participation The Executives 

This tab of student management system manages the day insightful participation of the multitude of students; permits the client to get day by day month to month and yearly participation reports of the multitude of students or specific students within seconds. This has a component called the SMS Alarms framework. In the event that the student is missing the computerized SMS framework will ship off the portable number of the parent; letting them realize that their student is missing today. 

Time Table Administration 

This tab of school ERP software in Kerala permits creating, editing, deleting everyday schedules for a specific class or a student; and furthermore permits the admin to set the educators day by day plan and the off periods on this student the executives’ software.¬†

Examination The Executives 

This tab permits you to set test plans, distribute tests, and direct online tests. This component likewise permits you to make total examination reports including timetable and characteristics of every test and student separately 

Financial Administration 

This tab assumes an indispensable part in the finance segment of an institution; this is totally founded on the finance board, this tab permits you to make all-around organized finance information; furthermore permits you to create payslips and compensation reports of the workers. 

Expense The Executives 

This part depends on the students’ expenses record. This tab offers admittance to every one of the students’ charges related information, for example, educational expenses, transport charges; and so forth here we can likewise make expenses receipt, the expense due to reminder for students who are not paid the expenses by means of SMS. And furthermore, create paid reports to the individuals who paid the expenses alongside slips.¬†

Parent Login 

This login contains various tabs like Cautions; which gives the most recent alarms from the school or relating to your student including transport appearance. The part called downloads and news tab which gives the most recent downloadable for your kid, for example; test question papers, test schedules and so on Likewise give information regarding charge subtleties like, expenses levy, expenses paid, test plans, and the test result.

Instructor Login 

Same as the parent tab, the alarm segments serve to give cautions from the school; and furthermore from the guardians for the things that an educator should know about. This tab gives an element called participation enlistment which permits the educators to make the participation table; furthermore, make schedules for the students. 

Transportation The board 

This student management system permits the parent and the two instructors to think about the course map where the student goes in the school transport in a day; and furthermore offer information to both educator and parent about the current bus station, next to transport stop; and past transport stop. This likewise includes transport toll subtleties of every student, driver, and colleagues subtleties including name and telephone number. This will assist the guardians with getting strain-free. 

Library The executives 

This segment is about the library area consisting of the book issue and returned reports; book classes, writers, distributors, rack the board, book stock subtleties, and so on can be controlled and checked from this part. 

Inventory The board 

This tab helps in maintaining the stock class on the board; including managing the providers and contact listing and furthermore the current stock subtleties. 

Accounting Module 

This tab of student management system permits you to make accounting modules with clear cut accounting classifications including voucher the board; record accounting exchanges, make diaries and records, Daybook, Preliminary equilibrium, and so forth 

Correspondence The Board 

This region totally rests with alarms and warnings, giving appropriate cautions, notices, and news to the concerned logins. 


This student management system permits you to make standard reports, custom reports, information examination; and graphically addressed reports of any part information accessible on the data set in a straightforward snap. 

Online Class 

Edutech Solution School ERP software in kerala refreshed with online classes; and online test highlights, students can get to classes through the Android application and can finish tests. Online class modules can be confined to non-paid students.


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