Edutech Solutions is an organization that specializes in education management. It is a cloud-based School ERP software in Delhi in which teachers, Students, and Parents will be able to access from any device. This will allow them to use the system anywhere and anytime. This increases the system’s accessibility. You will be able to use the system to automate all aspects of administration, including data management, for schools, colleges, and universities. Edutech Solutions is a smart approach to education management that streamlines all aspects. In School ERP software in Delhi, all these components are integrating under one robust interface. It’s suited for small and medium-sized institutions. It includes online enrollment, fees payment, online exam management, payroll management, student/vehicle live tracking, and other key features.

School ERP software in Delhi
School ERP software in Delhi

Edutech Solutions Consist superior school ERP software in Delhi that is specifically designing for modern schools to support these capabilities. It automates the Online Student Enrollment Process. The institute’s administrator can also access forms and applications via the website. Edutech Solutions Portal allows teachers the ability to organize and manage all classroom activities. They can upload study materials, distribute assignments, and communicate with students. Teachers can track student attendance and academic progress, as well as generate assessments reports for the academic year. Students can access their classwork, homework, assignments, and communication via Messaging, Online Examination, Track progress, and View and Track progress. The administration login allows for online admission management, scholarship program, finance management, and other features.

Online Admission By School ERP Software in Delhi | School | College | University

Many activities are involved in the Admission/Enrollment process. These include creating an Enrollment form, selecting applicants according to the Institute’s criteria, collecting fees, and so on. This may reduce errors and delays in the process, cost, time, and costs. Edutech Solution’s school ERP software includes the Online Admission / Enrollment ProcessThis will allow the Institute to complete an Instant Registration Process. We created an Online Admission and Enrollment Process to meet market demand. The enrollment process is a complicated task for the Institute management team. Online admissions/ Enrollment via the Digital Online Student Application System will simplify and speed up the process. It will integrate technology with Institutes, which will benefit both students and institutions.

school erp software in Delhi

School Education Management System Delhi | School | College | University

School ERP software India is capable of handling large amounts of student data and provides precise data. This module was creating for serving the common interests of students. Teachers and principals can manage students in the Process for Enrollment, Admissions, Class Section Allocation, Tasks, and Assignments. 

The system can use to analyze student performance and Teachers’ performance in teaching various Subjects and Courses. It can also track students’ daily attendance and manage their academics, tasks, events, and leaves. The module is easy to use and has a simple architecture that allows students to learn about the latest technologies in their academic lives.

Student Academic Management System Software Delhi | School | College | University

Academics management will help your institution develop and will aid in building a proficient stream-of-process. Edutech Solutionallows students to attain the best results in their academic career while simultaneously managing and handling daily academic operational activities. Our Interactive school ERP system integrates with the academic features of Education Management with various learning and teaching tools that focus on student’s results. Students can perform better when they have a well-planned syllabus and lesson plan. This allows for easy communication between students, parents, and teachers.

Payroll Management System Software Delhi | School | College | University

Payroll Management System manages and monitors employee pay, including allowances, deductions, and gross pay. It can also be used to create payslips for specific periods. It has the extraordinary advantage of a Payroll Management System Its simplicity and ease of use is evident in its execution. Global Payroll’s survey revealed that 70% of institutions use payroll management to manage their organization. They understand the possibility of receiving unpredictable paychecks or paying tax from the highest authorities.

Edutech Solution’s school ERP software India designed to provide all of the integrated tools. This system was designed by the developers in an efficient manner. It can create tasks, release payments on a schedule, generate reports/payslips, and handle large payouts efficiently. It provides a global platform that is sophisticated and adaptable to the needs of international institutions. There are many benefits to Payroll Management System. These are the following:

Finance Management System Delhi | School | College | University

This module of student management system was specifically designing for education to give a complete overview of the sector. This allows an Institute to create perfect Fee management functions. It has the ability to have a precise ledger structure and entry with a simple user interface. The whole process is quick and error-free. All fees that have been recorded are instantly reflected in one location for easy reference. It also manages the complexity of financial reporting and accounting efficiently, which is what an established institution needs.

Education institutions need to be able to access financial information and devise survival strategies for themselves in a competitive environment. The ability to effectively gather and use financial information is key to success. Good institutions have the right financial information. Financial decision-making is using for helping define standards, laws, and methods in educational institutions.

Transportation / Library / Hostel Management System Delhi | School | College | University

Transport Management

This is the most important module of student management system at School/College/University. Administrators can see all details about School Vehicle Drivers like Name, Vehicle Number, License No, and Driver’s Telephone No. Transport Management module will give a detailed analysis about each Transport Vehicle Allocation. Edutech Solution uses GPS to track the location of any School Vehicle in real-time. This module can customize to meet the specific needs of each institute.

Library Management

This module of student management system is using for managing the library’s catalog. It keeps track of all transactions for the library’s books. Edutech Solution Offers a Library Management System that is easy to use and meets all librarian needs. The system has many features that allow librarians to keep track of both available and issued books. This system can be accessed via websites or mobile applications.

school erp system
school management software in india

Hostel Management

This module of school management software in India is designing for managing various activities within the hostel. Hostel Management is efficient in managing daily hostel activities when there are many students. Through the Details menu, different users can see details about hostel accommodation and hostels. Edutech Solution allows users to view the daily menu via the website and mobile application.

Student & Vehicle Tracking / System Software Delhi | School | College | Institute | University


It was designing to help schools track students’ movements and provide security information to their guardians. Edutech Solution then provides prompt and precise answers. Student Tracker of student management system is using from the mobile app. Edutech Solutioncross platform framework allows parents, teachers, administrators to track and monitor their children in real-time. It is essential for schools to monitor their students.

Edutech Solution creates a custom GPS Tracking Solution. It is intending for all educational institutions. It primarily focuses on student security and the management of travel operations. These software tracks vehicles but the module also records every student. This allows school and college administrators to manage their transport activities more efficiently and provide greater serenity for parents.

school management software in india

Exam Management System Delhi | School | College | University

school management software in india

It is very simple to complete the examination process. This school management software in the India exam management module verifies various institutional operations. It can produce Exam results in one of three formats: marks-based, grade-based, or a combination of both. This student management system will allow you to configure different sections such as the number of classes, subjects, types of languages, and type of exam. The user can also define exam rules and grades. The exam management module is less susceptible to human error than the others.


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